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18-year old Eric Radley is your average loser. High school drop-out, no job, no foreseeable future, and headed nowhere fast. When his father is arrested for turtle-napping Snappy, the oldest living turtle, things rapidly get out of control and Eric ends up getting a job at the local Chinese restaurant where he is the only American employee. Join Eric on his hilarious adventures in raising money, befriending crazy Asians, and learning the meaning of being a faithful employee.


July 14th, 2011, 9:21 am

There IS a new page!

Hey guys, so someone pointed out to me that the probable reason no one checks my comics when I update so quickly is because people are expecting it to take another month, and so have probably not noticed when the green writing goes from "3 days ago" to "Today". I imagine this is probably the case. But I don't want people not checking the site and then misreading what comes next when they do, so I'm posting this in case anyone happens to see it. Just a reminder that there's another page up as of yesterday!

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